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Timing the All-In Move

Posted by admin on 27th April 2013 in online poker

poker girl wsopEverbody knows the move. Everybody has used the move, but is your timing right? Well here are some of my ideas on when the timing is right. Drink a coffee as this is a long post that needs some thinking in order to sink well.

1: Flopping a Set

Let’s say you have played any pocket pair, and on the flop you made trips. Now along with your trips comes 2 cards to a flush or 2 to a straight. Now alot of players are gonna get scared and HOPE the flush or straight doesn’t come, and will bet small against it. I say PUSH !!! Make your opponents with those draws make a bad call. I say bad call because 4 cards to a flush after a flop gives them 8 outs NOT 9 which is about a 5 to 1 to make the flush.

I say 8 outs because either the suit of the set you made is still in the deck, or its gonna be in your hand, or if your suit of your set is on the board as one of the flush cards then the suit of the odd card up can’t make their flush a winner because if it hits the board then you have made a full house.

Also if they make the call you are also drawing at your full house or quads, which makes you about 6 to 1 to make improve your hand counting 3 of each flop card plus your one card for quads. Plus a possible 3 more cards if the turn card is a blank. Now if someone has hit an open-ended straight draw on your set they have 8 outs to make the straight which is still 5 to 1 to make, while of course you are still drawing to improve.

Now you know a lot of players who hit that flush draw will get all excited and call an all-in not knowing how much of an underdog they are. So what if they get lucky with there longshot at least you made the right move by getting all your chips in when you are heavily favored which is key in poker. Now another good thing about this move is some players who just hit top pair with a good kicker are gonna think you are the one chasing a flush or straight and call you. Then these people just gave you their chips unless they catch a miracle runner runner.

2: Big pairs in late positions

Let’s say your are on the button or in the blinds and have caught JJ, QQ, or KK, and 3 or more people have limped in on you. Now you know a lot of players are gonna play Ace anything and limp in to see a flop. Well with those big pairs you can’t let this happen, so you PUSH !!! Let those players make a horrible call on you trying to make that 3 outer draw on you, hell you might get called by a smaller pair or somebody with 2 face cards.

Now if they all fold then you pick up all the limp calls and get a decent pot with no showdown. Also these limpers might be hesitant to try to get in your pots anymore while you are late to act. Although you gotta be somewhat aware of the one limper who has limped in with Aces, although I am not seeing this play much anymore because of how frequently they are getting smashed by slow play.

3: Short-stacked

This one is the hardest one to pull off I think because you gotta have luck on your side sometimes. Of course you need to move in with any pair because you are going to be at least a slight favorite unless you run into a higher pair, which does happen, and is bad luck as you are short-stacked and gotta make a move. Now if you are gonna go in with 2 face cards or a face card suited up you want to be move in before anybody has raised a lot so they won’t be pot committed into making a loose call on you with an Ace and a bad kicker.

Now also you need to move in with an Ace anything because you might can double up with just high carding somebody. I have also tried this new thing called the “stop n go” move. This is when you decide “ok I’m all in this hand”, but you don’t move in pre-flop, you just call a raise or whatever. Then after the flop you want to be first to act, and you just move in regardless what comes. This way you may get you opponent to fold if the flop missed him completely or if he puts you on a made hand.