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Bankroll management in poker

Posted by admin on 5th November 2015 in online poker

pokerbabeA lot of poker is about building a bankroll. We build a bankroll and conserve it so that we can play higher and higher stakes, so that we can earn more money on an hourly basis. But when we get the bankroll, we may be frightened to take a shot at those higher limits. This is the experience of many players.

This post is for people to post comments about hands that were played by idiots at relatively high levels of poker. The idea is to provide encouragement for people to properly manage their bankrolls, so that they can move up with less fear.

In a sense, this will hold some of the same sorts of material that is currently covered in other posts but more focused on bankroll. Please post only comments about hands that your opponents played really, really badly. Show all of the lower limit players how much money is lying around at the higher limit tables, just waiting for decent players to pick it up.

This is either limit or no-limit Holdem we are talking about. Please post only for bigger games, say 5/10 and higher. I don’t play limit holdem, but I think it is a good limit to count as semi-big. And the bigger the better! If someone is a complete donk at the really big games, we all want to hear about it!!

Actually I would like to see some of these kinds of hand histories from 3/6 and maybe even as low as 2/4. 2/4 is my next step that I have been putting off my initial jump basically because I am afraid of damaging this bankroll that I have worked to hard to build to the point it is at now.

But I understand if you want to keep it at 5/10 and above. I forgot how long ago it was but my friend just got up to 2/4 recently and while he is very lucky he has made almost a thousand there in less than a month, I played some recently at Titan Poker to clear some bonus and it was quite bad, I was check raising those fools like mad.

I actually think 2/4 is worse than the 1/2 level because 1/2 has a lot of bonus whores probably, while 2/4 players cares less about their money. I think the same may be true about 5/10 and 10/20 .I want to set the bar high so that this post is not flooded with comments. If you just fire up a 5/10 table on 888poker with a good HUD running so you can see mucked cards, I guarantee you’ll find all the reassurance and encouragement you need within 20 minutes.

The better bettor is not always best

Posted by admin on 22nd June 2014 in online poker

beautiful-pokerI suffered a bad beat recently that was truly surreal. I was playing in a $6/$12-limit Hold’em game at a nearby casino and happened to have a couple of loose cannons seated at my nine-player table. I really couldn’t wait for my chance to beat one of them in a big pot…or so I thought.

Opportunity soon knocked when one of the loose cannons, let’s call him Mr. Maniac, raised to open the betting on a new hand. I looked down to find pocket queens, so I immediately re-raised. There were a couple of callers, and then Mr. Maniac capped it at four bets pre-flop. The flop came Q-4-2 rainbow. My crazy competition, first to act, fired out. I decided to raise, which drove the other two callers out of the hand. Mr. Maniac, not surprisingly, re-raised and then I just called (hoping to entice him to fire out again to me on the turn).

The turn produced the seven of hearts, which kept the board a rainbow of unsuited cards. As anticipated, my hapless opponent fired out again. I re-raised, hoping I wouldn’t inadvertently cause him to fold. Such fear, naturally, proved unfounded as he re-raised back, making it three bets. I began to put him on a hand such as pocket rockets or possibly K-K, which were over pairs to the board and which Mr. Maniac would likely think were golden.

As I’d soon learn, however, what Mr. Maniac actually held was 4-4, which gave me the better set, queens versus fours. The board, you’ll recall, was Q-4-2-7, all unsuited. So, this poor fish I’d hooked was drawing dead to the last four in the deck with only one card to come! Even though I didn’t yet know what he held, I re-raised again on the turn, making it four bets. Normally, four bets is a cap — but not when the hand is being played heads-up. So, when Mr. Maniac, with his paltry three fours, re-raised me with a fifth bet, guess what I did? Yup, re-raised him with a sixth bet (which, incidentally, totally depleted both of our stacks).

Then an odd, cursed thing happened. As I was making my bet, the dealer momentarily lost his focus and turned over the river card before we were done betting. Perhaps he was glancing at a TV across from the poker room, or thinking about what he’d eat on his break, or who knows? Such blunders happen from time to time; dealers are human and can make mistakes. The general rule when a river card is accidentally exposed is that it’s returned to the deck, the remaining cards are shuffled, and then a new river card is dealt.

Anyway, much to my dismay, the mistakenly exposed river card was none other than the queen of diamonds, which would have given me four of a kind! I tried to forget about this tormenting near-miss as the dealer prepared to re-issue the river card. Because Mr. Maniac and I had both invested all of our chips in the $450-plus pot, we were basically all-in at this point and so we decided to show our hands. He turned over his pocket fours and, having no clue what he was facing from me, declared, “My hand is already made!” I showed him my queens and joked, “My hand was made on the river, but I guess it’s not made anymore!” Mr. Maniac’s face turned bright red when he realized how badly he’d overvalued his hand.

Finally, the dealer was ready to deliver the river card, for the second and final time. Need I say what it was? Yes, incredibly, the four of clubs, giving my opponent four of a kind..and me an ulcer. Since then I have gained over twenty pounds as I still cannot believe that this happened. Thankfully I found recently a dietary supplement that helped me lose half this weight. It is called garcinia cambogia and green coffee bean and it is in drops. It contains two very powerful antioxidants and it worked well to make me thinner.

Pokerstars VIP Club

Posted by admin on 23rd December 2013 in online poker

pokerstars-girlPoker stars have been officially ranked as the best online site for online poker gaming based on almost any pokerstars review. This site makes it very useful for people to play poker online and no money is involved in most of the cases. There are of course places where you need to buy in gold coins, etc. actually using credit cards. However, if one refrains to use his cash, he can play without it. It is the greatest rewards and largest one in online poker. This site rewards its recurrent players well, and it was the first one to achieve this properly.

For those who play this online poker with real money win in terms of real money, and only them can participate in online competitions as well as qualify for main life events. They should use acode marketing pokerstars to get their sign up bonus. They can earn points while playing at their tables and can spend these easily by buying products at the pokerstars online store. However, there is still more on offer. Read below to get more facts and details.

There are two kinds of points awarded to players when they win on tables available in cash games only. These are frequent player points (FPP) and VIP player points (VPP). You can get more of these points as you play at the poker tables. Using these points, you can pay the entry fees of tournaments and take part in these tournaments. Win in such tournaments and accrue more points. This is the basic process of how pokerstars online gaming network works.

The points have different costs or fees. Earn these points by winning on the tables and get the points of your choices. Earning these points may also be dependent on the entry fees. VPPs are available at (5.5) VIP player’s points for one U.S dollar. Make sure to enter your pokerstars marketing code when you register.

For instance, if the entering fee of the tournament is eleven dollars. From these eleven you have ten dollars on the table, and one dollar goes as the entry fee. In addition, as each dollar costs (5.5) VIP player’s points, one will get VIP player’s points for the one dollar as a fee for entry. Usually tables have 8 players. The VIP points at such tables consist on a complete quantity of performers split in the hand and the total rake collected at the table. The entire VPPs for that hand are then distributed, likewise, among the players who were dealt into that hand.

Insignificant VIP player’s points would be granted in one percent. These rules are applied over all the tables, which have seven or less than seven seats. These are VPP rules that every player has to follow. The total rake collected as well as the number of players on the table also determines the VPPs. The game is very interesting, once you will be in. It is hard to take yourself out.

Donks versus solid players

Posted by admin on 4th June 2013 in online poker

poker cute girlI make more money on the “solid” players than I do the donks. And it is the donks who take most of my money and not the solid players. When you lose a hand usually 2 things happened: (1) you were outplayed or (2) you played it correctly and your opponent sucked-out. How many times does each of these happen to you? 20%-80%? Only 20% of the time can you say to yourself, “Damn I made a bad play there”. Whilst 80% of the time my opponent did not have the proper odds to call but did anyway and made a hand.

It is easier to read a solid player, thus you can extract more chips and more importantly lose less to them. Against a Donk its far more difficult to get a read because you just never know where they are or where they are going.

Now a solid player knows that unless he’s up against a higher pair he can play 8-7s and only be at the least a 40% underdog. While a Donk has no clue but they are suited and connected and I see others do it so it must be a good play. There is no problem with the player who calls a raise with 8-7s and wins vs. AKs if he knows why he’s doing it.

But you see the solid player who does it knows that he’s at worst a 40% underdog as long as he’s sure you are not holding a higher pair. Also, it is not a play he’s going to make everytime. The situation has to be right. He is probably in position, he most likely knows that he will have you isolated thus increases his chances of winning and will know that if he hits middle pair with an Ace or King on the board he might have to let the hand go and would be willing to do that.

Now the Donk on the other hand just knows he’s seen some other people do it and it seemed to work for them. He does not know the odds, does not care about them, does not care if others are in the pot, and will never fold if he hits any pair including bottom pair with both an Ace and a King on the board.

And while a majority of you winnings wil come from these type of players an equal number of losses are given by them as well. The only solution I have come up with thus far is to play defensive against them. Minimize your losses by not investing too much when you know your up against a Donk. The pots are smaller and in most cases you give them the proper odds to call but your losses are smaller as well. They dont understand pot odds anyway so why try and bet them off a gutshot straight draw? Save that sort of play for a solid player who knows better and will lay his hand down.

People have short memories about their good luck and long memories about their bad – and too many people risk their entire chip stack frequently and will enventually find themselves busted with no-one really to blame but themselves. Much of the time you get busted you are in a situation where you could not really fold but get outdrawn. Quite often someone will have a decent number of outs and will win 30% or so of the time – you are going to lose a lot of these but people tend to forget about them when they win. Regard yourself as lucky if your AA holds up or if your AK holds to 78s because you know that this will not always happen. Not “won the lottery lucky” but lucky enough. People often forget all the time their hand actually beats other hands when their opponents had some outs.

Anyone with easy to exploit tells is a donk. Against wild aggressive players play strong unless value betting is worth the risk. Quite often this will be in higher buy in events where there are fewer wild/crazy players but equally fewer players that are 100% predictable and less safe to accumulate chips.

A solid player is one who knows the circumstances behind his actions. If he raises, he knows why he is raising. If he’s calling, he knows why he is calling. He might not be a proffessional by any means but will usually finish in the top 25% of the tournament. These are the types of players to count on to make the majority of your money.

Its on a rare occasion that we find ourselves with the nuts before the last card hits the board, and even then we usually win with only the best hand of the players that chose to go to a showdown. A solid player can play a hand perfectly from pre-flop to the turn in hopes of winning without having to see the last card. A donk on the other hand is usually relying solely on the luck of the cards and wants to see that last card. He is usually willing to risk any ammount of chips he has in his quest to get lucky , and puts the solid player to the test.

He has a draw with one card to come and has a given ammount of outs. The solid player is ahead in the hand and also has some cards still left in the deck that will give him the absolute nuts. So what is the solid player to do. Fold before the river card is delt. Of course not you know the odds and you should come out on top more often than not. Then it happens. The donk sucks out the winning hand, knocking you out of the tourney. If you were playing another solid player, or a player with any sense, you would have won the hand before the river because he would have folded on the flop or turn, not wanting to risk his chips on a 5% chance of winning.

So in those situation blame the donk. Donks play just to play, not to win. Unfortunately they get lucky against better players and send them to early exits. As a MTT or SnG progresses there are less donks to deal with. It is rare that they go very far and make the cash. Luck in poker can only take you so far. Granted, its an important aspect in poker, but solid and knowledgable play is the only way to play and be successful.

They are giving you great odds for their chips and this will count for loads of chipse loose players. The donks are out there absolutely. There is no real true way to beat them, obviously, they can call/raise with anything. But there is also no true formula for winning either. It is all, in the end, about adapting. There IS a key to winning against the average moron, but it will always be a risky venture. Long term, you will win.

But don’t assume your style of play is the best against them. A solid player is going to lose against a player who has no care in the world. He will simply call you with anything. Your solid playing will blind out. You have to step up your style against them and take some chances. If you play safe in a MTT anyway, you will find yourself close to the money, but with nothign other to do than to look for all in hands.

Timing the All-In Move

Posted by admin on 27th April 2013 in online poker

poker girl wsopEverbody knows the move. Everybody has used the move, but is your timing right? Well here are some of my ideas on when the timing is right. Drink a coffee as this is a long post that needs some thinking in order to sink well.

1: Flopping a Set

Let’s say you have played any pocket pair, and on the flop you made trips. Now along with your trips comes 2 cards to a flush or 2 to a straight. Now alot of players are gonna get scared and HOPE the flush or straight doesn’t come, and will bet small against it. I say PUSH !!! Make your opponents with those draws make a bad call. I say bad call because 4 cards to a flush after a flop gives them 8 outs NOT 9 which is about a 5 to 1 to make the flush.

I say 8 outs because either the suit of the set you made is still in the deck, or its gonna be in your hand, or if your suit of your set is on the board as one of the flush cards then the suit of the odd card up can’t make their flush a winner because if it hits the board then you have made a full house.

Also if they make the call you are also drawing at your full house or quads, which makes you about 6 to 1 to make improve your hand counting 3 of each flop card plus your one card for quads. Plus a possible 3 more cards if the turn card is a blank. Now if someone has hit an open-ended straight draw on your set they have 8 outs to make the straight which is still 5 to 1 to make, while of course you are still drawing to improve.

Now you know a lot of players who hit that flush draw will get all excited and call an all-in not knowing how much of an underdog they are. So what if they get lucky with there longshot at least you made the right move by getting all your chips in when you are heavily favored which is key in poker. Now another good thing about this move is some players who just hit top pair with a good kicker are gonna think you are the one chasing a flush or straight and call you. Then these people just gave you their chips unless they catch a miracle runner runner.

2: Big pairs in late positions

Let’s say your are on the button or in the blinds and have caught JJ, QQ, or KK, and 3 or more people have limped in on you. Now you know a lot of players are gonna play Ace anything and limp in to see a flop. Well with those big pairs you can’t let this happen, so you PUSH !!! Let those players make a horrible call on you trying to make that 3 outer draw on you, hell you might get called by a smaller pair or somebody with 2 face cards.

Now if they all fold then you pick up all the limp calls and get a decent pot with no showdown. Also these limpers might be hesitant to try to get in your pots anymore while you are late to act. Although you gotta be somewhat aware of the one limper who has limped in with Aces, although I am not seeing this play much anymore because of how frequently they are getting smashed by slow play.

3: Short-stacked

This one is the hardest one to pull off I think because you gotta have luck on your side sometimes. Of course you need to move in with any pair because you are going to be at least a slight favorite unless you run into a higher pair, which does happen, and is bad luck as you are short-stacked and gotta make a move. Now if you are gonna go in with 2 face cards or a face card suited up you want to be move in before anybody has raised a lot so they won’t be pot committed into making a loose call on you with an Ace and a bad kicker.

Now also you need to move in with an Ace anything because you might can double up with just high carding somebody. I have also tried this new thing called the “stop n go” move. This is when you decide “ok I’m all in this hand”, but you don’t move in pre-flop, you just call a raise or whatever. Then after the flop you want to be first to act, and you just move in regardless what comes. This way you may get you opponent to fold if the flop missed him completely or if he puts you on a made hand.

Five tips to win at online poker

Posted by admin on 23rd November 2012 in online poker

Most people think that playing online poker is the same as playing with friends or at a real card room. The reality is that there are subtle differences that determine success or failure.

1. Learn the Rules:

Many players go into online poker rooms without any knowledge of how to play poker. They assume that in a $0.5/$1 game their losses would be minimal. Little do they know that over a course of an hour, losses can add up in the hundreds. Know the ranking of poker hands, the betting rules and most importantly the rules of the particular game you are playing. I recommend that you play for fun money at the beginning and once you are familiar with the game to play in tournaments which have a nominal buy-in amount.

Once you learn the basic rules, you need to learn advanced game play. Advanced game play can be acquired through books and magazines related to poker. These include theories on bluffing, betting theory, player position etc. My basic rule for beginners is to not play too many hands. Being patient and waiting for good hands is crucial to success.

2. Money Management:

What determines the success of any gambler, investor or poker player is how they manage money. Knowing how much your bankroll is, the correct bet size related to what their bankroll is is critical. In a $0.5/$1 game I recommend that a player at minimum bring at least 50 times the upper limit (50x$1) to play an hour. Without a sufficient bankroll is it very difficult to win. Other basic money management rules such as setting a stop loss and maintaining discipline to play within your limits is crucial.

3. Tells

“Tells” are signs that indicate whether a player has a strong or weak hand. When playing poker face to face, signs such as the eyes, facial expression, trembling hands etc. can give indication to the hand a player has. Also the ability to read players based on previous hands gives good indication on the player’s tendencies.

In online poker, there are tells. The most obvious is the speed of the placed bet. This can be misleading since many players online react fast or slow because they are also engaged in other activities such as playing at another table (in online poker you can play at multiple tables simultaneously) or watching TV. In general a fast bet indicates weakness and a slow bet indicates strength however this may vary according to the level of the player.

4. Focus

Needless to say in the lower limit games most players are playing for recreation rather than profession. They are engaged in other activities such as browsing the net, watching TV, talking to friends or whatever else fancies them. In these low limit rooms it is easy to catch players making bad decisions on betting and calling. Play with focus. My strategy is to play conservatively when there are still a lot of players ( in a no-limit game) and bluff more as the number of players go down.

5. Good execution

This refers to executing the game properly. This includes not playing too many hands, knowing when to fold hands and betting properly to gain information on what a player has. In general until you acquire the required expertise, you should try to play in games where less skillful opponents linger. These are low-limit tables and less known poker rooms.

Female poker

Posted by admin on 12th October 2012 in online poker

Poker is not a very easy game to play over the Internet. A beginning poker player may be good but he will have to be keep on improving in order to get the maximum benefits from online poker playing.

Indeed it is very important for any professional poker player to play poker over the net to sharpen his skills. Without knowing the rules and regulations of poker playing you are not going to play well online anyway.

A poker player will have to play poker and understand all the things about poker and gambling on the net.

We all know that online poker playing is the most profitable online games nowadays and so many female players are playing poker too. A female player could win if she learn to deal with patience.

There are so many talented poker players around the Internet. Some of the poker player also bet over four tables at the same time, some even up to 12, it means that they are playing hundred of hands every hour. In such a case, no one of the professional poker players could do too well due to the extensive amount of time that it takes to play that much.

As such a good female player make fast decisions to get the enormous benefits of fast poker action. And in that case it is very obvious to get detailed information about poker or else you could lose your valuable hand.

It should be your common sense that before you log in to play poker online you know the real things, and that is why a professional poker player will always go through the site details and will win in any condition and situation.

There are so many pros and cons regarding the game of poker online and to deal with these cons it is very important to know the tricks in depth. Some of the players use external poker software to play the game. A female player will always verify the detail history about that particular site and its software for poker games.

Online poker rooms now offer casino games like slots and pub fruities to players to enjoy something else between hands of poker. Also, bingo has always been the best casinos online game around but you should, however, always choose the best online casino when it comes to play bingo game. Better if you learn to play bingo game and win big at Internet bingo.

Online casino websites offer plenty of variety when it comes to different games and different experiences, which are tailored to the individual target market so you can be sure to find a casino that suits your own needs and tastes.