Bankroll management in poker

Posted by admin on 5th November 2015 in online poker

pokerbabeA lot of poker is about building a bankroll. We build a bankroll and conserve it so that we can play higher and higher stakes, so that we can earn more money on an hourly basis. But when we get the bankroll, we may be frightened to take a shot at those higher limits. This is the experience of many players.

This post is for people to post comments about hands that were played by idiots at relatively high levels of poker. The idea is to provide encouragement for people to properly manage their bankrolls, so that they can move up with less fear.

In a sense, this will hold some of the same sorts of material that is currently covered in other posts but more focused on bankroll. Please post only comments about hands that your opponents played really, really badly. Show all of the lower limit players how much money is lying around at the higher limit tables, just waiting for decent players to pick it up.

This is either limit or no-limit Holdem we are talking about. Please post only for bigger games, say 5/10 and higher. I don’t play limit holdem, but I think it is a good limit to count as semi-big. And the bigger the better! If someone is a complete donk at the really big games, we all want to hear about it!!

Actually I would like to see some of these kinds of hand histories from 3/6 and maybe even as low as 2/4. 2/4 is my next step that I have been putting off my initial jump basically because I am afraid of damaging this bankroll that I have worked to hard to build to the point it is at now.

But I understand if you want to keep it at 5/10 and above. I forgot how long ago it was but my friend just got up to 2/4 recently and while he is very lucky he has made almost a thousand there in less than a month, I played some recently at Titan Poker to clear some bonus and it was quite bad, I was check raising those fools like mad.

I actually think 2/4 is worse than the 1/2 level because 1/2 has a lot of bonus whores probably, while 2/4 players cares less about their money. I think the same may be true about 5/10 and 10/20 .I want to set the bar high so that this post is not flooded with comments. If you just fire up a 5/10 table on 888poker with a good HUD running so you can see mucked cards, I guarantee you’ll find all the reassurance and encouragement you need within 20 minutes.

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